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Junk Removal: Top 5 FAQs

As more homeowners, condo owners, apartment building owners, businesses, and industry are choosing to outsource their junk removal tasks, the junk removal business has grown and evolved to meet the needs of individuals, families, and many types of companies and organizations. Hiring junk removal services that are experts and experienced in the business is essential to benefitting from a comprehensive junk removal service. To help you in your search for a professional junk removal service that will meet your specific needs, below is a list of five top FAQs about junk removal services.

1. What Do Junk Removal Services Do?

A reputable and experienced junk removal service employs a team of professionals to remove residential and commercial junk at low competitive prices. The team will collect all the junk from anywhere on the property, clean up the area, and then dispose or recycle the junk.

2. How Do Junk Removal Services Help The Environment?

Because landfill sites in Ontario and Canada are filling quickly, individuals, governments, and businesses must all do their part to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Environmental programs are working. For instance, in 2010, 47% of Toronto’s residential waste was diverted from landfills due to the Blue Bin, Green Bin, Yard Waste and other diversion programs as well as the volume based rate structure for waste. This means 380, 890 tonnes of garbage was kept out of landfills.  Professional junk removal services will do their part to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills by reusing, recycling, and donating to charity, a significant amount (70%) of waste they collect. They abide by strict environmental guidelines and work to maintain and exceed making junk removal services an environmentally responsible option for cleaning up and disposing of commercial and residential waste. When we all do our part to recycle waste and junk, it helps reduce the amount of junk being sent to landfills.

3. What Type Of Junk Does A Comprehensive Junk Removal Service Remove?

A comprehensive junk removal service will remove commercial and residential junk which includes:


  • Construction/Building Waste: concrete, drywall, scrap metal, asphalt, shingles, glass, tiles, construction debris, crates, etc.
  • Wood: lumber, plywood, wood flooring, doors, wood construction debris, pallets, etc
  • Office Equipment: filing cabinets, kitchen appliances, desks, chairs, computers and equipment, etc.
  • General: boxes, files, paper, newspapers, bottles, tires, flooring, cans, garbage, vehicle batteries, flooring, property waste, etc.


  • Scrap Metal: cars, motorcycles, bicycles, TV, radio, stereo, oven, microwave, dishwasher, fridge, freezer, washer, dryer, lawn mower, snow-blower,  BBQ, etc.
  • Furniture: table, desk, chair, cupboards, mattress, sofa, sofa-bed, armchair, hot tubs, etc.
  • Wood: shed, firewood, fencing, gate, pallets, plywood, lumber, doors, renovation wood waste, etc.
  • E-waste: computers, monitors, printers, laptops, fax machines, cellular phones, etc.
  • Property/Garden: branches, twigs, leaves, grass, compost, soil, dirt, sod, turf, etc.
  • General: estate clean out, boxes,  equipment/tools, clothes, electrics, paper. files, newspapers, cans, bottles, garbage, tires, vehicle batteries, decks, etc.

4. What Do Junk Removal Services Do With The Junk?

70% of the loads are recycled/reused.  As well, the service will work with various charities to help communities through donations. The remaining material is taken to transfer facilities. A quality junk removal service strives to improve their services every day.

5. How Do Payments Work For Junk Removal Services?

Pricing for residential and commercial junk removal is based on the amount of space the junk takes up in a truck. You can call toll free for a free no obligation quote for full service junk removal and bin rentals. Full service junk removal quotes includes up-front pricing that covers loading, transportation, and recycling cost. Bin rental rates are based on the bin size, the time required, and weight charges for the load. When the junk removal team arrives, they will confirm pricing once they have viewed the junk that is to be removed. They then do all of the lifting and cleanup. Payment is required at the time of collection. Commercial accounts can be set up to make billing fast and easy. There are no hidden fees.

Industry experts predict that the demand for junk removal services will continue to increase at a very fast rate. For people and businesses that require a time-saving, fast, convenient, and eco-friendly method to removing junk, professional junk removal services is the economical choice now and well into the 21st century.